Beware Before the Scare…

Tips for surviving The Howl…

  • Outside take as many photos as you'd like with monsters, creatures and other weird entities and feel free to grab a snack and drink. While inside the haunts, no food, drinks, bottles, recording devices, flash photography or flashlights are allowed. Besides, what you see inside will put you off your food and you wouldn't want an embarrassing photo with half a hog-roast down your chin.
  • No masks or hand held items are allowed inside. If you come in costume please leave your mask and accessories in your car. The mask might hide the terror on your face, but it won't muffle the screams!
  • Mistreating any of our creatures in or outside of the haunts will result in you being sent home. A creature is for life, not just for Halloween.
  • We are on a farm. Wearing heels or flip flops is discouraged as they are they shoes we find the most in our lost and found. (Some of them still have feet!)
  • No Alcohol to be bought onto the site. No negotiation. Bags will be searched randomly and alcohol confiscated. We want you feel the fear, don't numb the experience!
  • Buy your tickets on-line, it's cheaper! Don't be dissapointed because you didn't plan before hand and we're all sold out! Our monsters are in demand!
  • If you come on an off peak night (typically a weekday night) expect there to be space in between you and the group in front of you (unless of course the group in front of you walks slower than a hoard of zombies). Significantly less people attend on weekdays, therefore, we are able to offer a much better pace/spacing for traveling through the haunts. This changes on weekday nights the closer we get to Halloween.
  • If you come on a peak night or on one of the busiest nights of the year expect an action packed and terrifying experience with an energy like no other. But also expect there to be little to no spacing between you and the group in front of you. There are special direction and adjustments made to accommodate larger numbers of patrons on weekends and busier nights.
  • If it's important for you to have a more "alone" feeling at the haunted house, come on a weekday. If you enjoy the energy and excitement that is fuelled by more people, attend on a weekend. Either way, we are confident that you will enjoy your experience! Well, perhaps enjoy is too cheerful a word… You will certainly have a terrifyingly good night!

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Had a brilliant time. We will 100% be going again

- R Lamburn
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The Best ‘Just Risen From the Grave’ Halloween looks

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Bloggers and Vloggers- we need you!