Extra Screams

For a small extra fee, there is even more fun to be had at Shocktober Fest this year...


Ride on the Haunted Runaway Mine Cart on a terrifying, but hilarious, journey through the depths of the ghostly mine. Not for the faint hearted, this ride will have you bounced around and shaken up pretty darn good!


Feel the rush and speed of the huge X-Hell-R8 ride as you tumble backwards not knowing which way is up....and which way is dooooooooowwwwwwn!

Pumpkin Paintball

Think you're a good shot? Well put it to the test in the Pumpkin Paintball Shooting Alley. Lots of fun and suitable for all, even the scaredy cats in your group!  

top strip

The best in the UK, a vast area filled with lots of spooky things!

- Shirl and Ted
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