The Best ‘Just Risen From the Grave’ Halloween looks

The Best ‘Just Risen From the Grave’ Halloween looks

With our 13 nights of fright approaching faster than a hangry werewolf, now is the time to get your horror fashion on fleek. We want The Howl to be the London Fashion Week of Halloween style, so we've scoured the internet for our fave 'Just Risen from the Grave' looks. Put down those tired cat ears, back away from that grubby t-shirt (it doesn't say 'zombie' it just says "wash me, you filthy animal") and let us get you Halloween body ready – we can't wait to see your costumes!

1. Skeletons don't often have a lot of flesh on their bones (teehee) so it's hardly surprising that they feel the cold. If you're dressing up as a Skellie this Halloween, avoid the chill and snuggle up in this practical and fashionable skeleton onesie from Asos.

2. With the release of the new 'IT' film, we expect to see a lot of Stephen King inspired costumes this year. All hail the King, but don't follow the crowd - dress up like a mobile phone and spend all night explaining to people that you're CELL, that you have the power to turn us all into zombies, and that you're about a billion times scarier than any silly clown.

3. Thanks to 'Twilight', vampires are now vegetarian. So if you're vamping it up this All Hallow's Eve, as well as blood red lips and all black e'rything, you're going to need some hummus. Head to your nearest supermarket, and grab some carrot sticks while you're at it.

4. We all know chokers are in, and blood never goes out of style. So New Look have put two and two together to hit us up with a garrotted neck effect dripping blood choker. It's blood-drop dead gorgeous.

5. Halloween is - without a doubt - the most romantic time of year. It's the perfect excuse for a little bit of role playing with bae. Some of our favourite topical ideas for couples? Grab some outrageous printed shirts and a few cakes and be Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig, pay your love the ultimate compliment (or insult) and suggest you go as Beauty and the Beast, or get feisty and dress up as Taylor Swift and Kim K/Kanye.

Need an excuse to dress up? Grab your mates and tickets online here…we can't wait to see you!

Published: 27th Sep

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Had a brilliant time. We will 100% be going again

- R Lamburn
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The Best ‘Just Risen From the Grave’ Halloween looks

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