Make Your Own Wolf Ears

Want to take part in a record-breaking attempt? Then you will love our launch night! This year we are attempting to get as many wolves doing Michael Jacksons Thriller dance in one place! Want to take part? Then head on over to us here at The Howl at Mead Open Farm for some frights by night! I can imagine your now wondering what to wear! Well, don’t worry here are a few tips and ideas on how to create your own wolf outfit for hardly any pennies!

What you will need:

  • Faux Fur (scraps)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Floral wire
  • Card


Step one-  First of all you will need to decide on what shape and size you want your ears to be. Using your pencil and card roughly draw your ear. Now that you have the basic shape you will need to draw another ear stencil however this one needs to be 1cm smaller. When you are happy with the shapes you can cut it out of your paper or card.

Step two- Now you have your ear stencils you can start to cut your faux fur. You can either pin your ear onto your fur to cut round or you can trace around the ear shape using a pen or tailor's chalk. Once you have pinned or trace your ear you can begin to cut, you will need two of each ear stencil! Once cut out cut a slit either side of the ear half a centimetre from the bottom. Remember when cutting your fur you want the fur to lay towards the tip of the ear.

Step three- Next you need to take your floral wire and bend it into the shape of your ears. You will need to do this twice. Bend your wire ear slightly thinner than your fabric ear, as you will need to glue the front and back of your fur ear together. You will also need to cut the ends of your wire half a centimetre shorter than the fur. Now that you have shaped and cut your wire you can glue it onto your metal headband using your glue gun.

Step Four- Once your glue has set and your metal ears are fixed in place you can glue the larger back piece of fur on the metal ear. The half a centimetre at the bottom of the fur ear needs to be glued to the underneath of the metal headband. Next, glue the wire ear to the fabric ear. Now take your smaller front piece of fur stick the half centimetre to the metal headband, it may overlap depending on the depth of the headband. Once stuck on you can stick the fur to the metal ear, your back piece will be bigger than the front but that's okay. Dot glue on each side of the extra back fur and fold over so it blends in.

Step Five- Repeat these steps on the other ear.

And there you have it your own wolf ears! Why not jazz them up by using two or three different coloured faux furs. Now that you have created your ears you are one step closer to having a complete thrilling wolf outfit! Team your homemade wolf ears with an old pair of leggings, long sleeve top, a fur coat and chunky pair of boots! A wolf outfit isn't complete without a tail! So stay tuned for our next blog which will reveal how to create your own tail in under an hour. 

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Shocktober Fest is easily one of the highlights of my year, its unlike anything I have ever experienced before and is an amazing night out - scary, fun and totally addictive!

- Jason Blackman
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