Street Theatre
Street Theatre

Street Theatre

Startle, shock tactics, major scares and a bit of banter!

You don’t have to go far around the Shocktober Fest site to meet our weird and wonderful characters. And my are they weird…

The Nurses

Guests needing medical attention due to being scared senseless in our haunts might like to book an appointment with our street medical team. Yes, Shocktober Fest's Nurses will be back on the street to get your pulses racing and your hearts pounding. Causing more heart attacks than they cure, they're bringing sexy back!

The Hammer Horrors

Meet some of the oldest celebs in existence. The Mummy and Frankenstein's Monster will be bursting into Shocktober Fest in glorious Technicolor, and they're here to prove that the oldies are the goodies (or baddies depending on your perspective). Terrifyingly funny.

Clowns With Chainsaws

Like clowns? How about clowns with chainsaws? Can anyone think of a better idea than giving a large power tool to a group of murderous maniacs who like to paint their faces, wear garish clothes and run around laughing at the voices in their heads? Sound dangerous? It is.

Mr. Rotavator

We scare because we care. So much so that we've bought some fitness experts onto the farm to keep you all fit and healthy. Mr Rotavator and his Team will make sure you feel the burn.

Fire Breathers

Speaking of feeling the burn, we have fire! Lots of it, not just our lovely warming bonfire, but a strange character who likes to play with it. This act is hot, hot, hot!

Tia The Tarot Reader

Working alongside our Street Theatre family is Tia, our popular Tarot Reader. An insightful and positive view into your future, through offering Tarot card readings, dream interpretation and a clairvoyant connection to the spirit world.

The Usherettes

Lights, Camera, Action, our slightly weird usherettes will be peddling their gruesome wares at Shocktober this year. Please be aware that if you try the popcorn, it's likely to be ex-boyfriend flavour…

Keep checking here for new advances to our street theatre line-up.

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No escape, they’re everywhere!

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The best in the UK, a vast area filled with lots of spooky things!

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