5 Werewolf Myths Busted

5 Werewolf Myths Busted

Werewolves are misunderstood. Fact.

Life can be pretty tough with furry hands and feet, and we don't mean hobbit furry. But don't be fooled by their Andrex soft paws and adorable pointy ears- werewolves are not to be messed with!

We've busted the biggest werewolf myths just for you (you can thank us later!)

1. Only silver bullets can kill a werewolf

This myth may (or may not) date from the great Werewolf attack of 1692. It could be true, but we've heard on the grapevine you can kill 'em with kindness too. 'Mr wolf, what big teeth you have' or 'gosh, your fur is looking rather beautiful today' might work well, but of course we can't confirm…

2. Werewolves only appear during a full moon

'Stay out of the woods at night' they say, the wolves are about. We won't deny it's a well-known myth, but we've heard whispers they'll appear any time of day or night too…for a fee…

3. Werewolves can be avoided by climbing an ash tree or running into a field of rye

Remember- you can run, you can hide, you can even scream, but you can NEVER escape from the hound. Once they have you in their sights you're bound for a different destiny (and anyway, we don't have an ash tree or a field of rye on our farm…)

4. You can cure yourself by killing the werewolf that bit you

A myth of the hopeless romantic, there's no cure for a werewolf bite. You'd better keep your eyes peeled in the House of Hounds if you want to keep your humanity…

5. You can become a werewolf by performing a ritual

Why would you ever want to become a werewolf? Eating humans and living in a shed, it's a pretty tough gig- believe us…

Intrigued? Want to meet a real life Werewolf? Head down to The Howl this October and you might get lucky, but don't come alone…

Published: 8th Sep

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Had a brilliant time. We will 100% be going again

- R Lamburn
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