Street Theatre

Street Theatre

Startle, shock tactics, major scares and a bit of banter!

You don’t have to go far around the The Howl site to meet our weird and wonderful characters.  And my are they weird…  Our resident family, The Lycanthropes will be in attendance each evening to play host.  Grandma is particularly friendly, don’t mind that she carries a  shot-gun, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, including Grandpa.  Ma and Pop are trying to keep those kids in order, but they’ve got trouble on their hands.  There’s Chastity, who is, definitely NOT in the family way, well, as far as Pop and his shotgun are concerned.  Then there’s Precious and Princess, they’re twins and so have twice the charms they need to get anything they want.  And boy, do they get it!  Finally, there’s Rufus, who is just a little too fond of playing fetch…  All in all, the Lycanthropes just want you to have a fun time on the farm they will ‘doggedly’ pursue you around the street until you do!

Age: 12

Scare Factor 6

No escape, they’re everywhere!

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Scared? I S**t myself!

- Kate Marshall
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Celebrity Night