The Colony

The Colony

They survived the apocalypse...will you?

The apocalypse has been and gone. Disaster has won. Survival of the most violent has remained. The darkest souls never start in packs - they find each other in the silence. Fearing nothing but themselves, they join together in a protective tribe of self-preservation; feeding, breeding, co-existing solely to survive. Only they know the suffering they endured to be here, where brute strength is useless against ruthless violence; where humanity has all but vanished.

Always learning, always evolving, they've earned the right to exist in The Colony. You haven't...

Age: 12A

Scare Factor 8

come if you’re a screamer!

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Shocktober Fest is easily one of the highlights of my year, its unlike anything I have ever experienced before and is an amazing night out - scary, fun and totally addictive!

- Jason Blackman
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Celebrity Night