The Chop Shop
The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop

For all your chopping needs.

Howdy y’all.  Billy-Bob here.  You lookin’ for a real nice vehicle? Well here at The Chop Shop we got trucks for your bucks.  You need a trailer?  A pick up?  How about our speciality, a good old cut & shut? We got all the best old wrecks ready for you right here.  And if we ain’t got what you’re lookin’ for, well, perhaps my brother Billy-Joe and Billy-Ray can help you out with their special… renovations.  You better be careful now, those two boys are real handy with a reconstruction, I’ll be darned if you’ve never seen no one handle a chainsaw like Billy-Joe. 

And if Billy-Ray asks you to lean down and look into the trunk, I’d run.  Remember folks, once you go scrap you don’t never go back.  Ever.  

Opening Times: All evening

Age: 12A

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Scare Factor 9

No lily-livered quitters!

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only been once, but its up there with some of the BIG US parks and they don't have Esmerelda!

- Stuart Kite
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